Save Your Brain?

Are cell phones safe? All mobile phones emit microwave radiation. To help reduce cell phone risks for children and all users, Green Swan has introduced the Too Close™ line of products for Android. This new line of family safety software is designed to issue audible alert reminders for safer cell phone use.

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Too Close and Too Close Parental for Android

This new safety software product line is designed to alert users when phone radiation safety is compromised. Green Swan, Inc. created Too Close™ and Too Close Parental™ for Android in order to help reduce cell phone risks, especially for children, by directing a behavioral change to keep the phone away from the head and body. The Too Close™ product line uses a proprietary algorithm to detect the spatial distance of the phone to the head. When safety standards are compromised by getting “too close,” the apps issue a gentle audible warning. Alarm intervals and alert types are fully customizable to user preference. Too Close™ and Too Close Parental™ are designed to retrain users to remember the proximity of the phone to the head and to move it away.