Mobile phones emit microwave radiation. On 5/ 27/ 2016 the U. S. National Institutes of Health (NTP) announced results of a $25 M study, showing cellular radiation can lead to brain cancer cells. Green Swan usually focuses on teaching methods of increasing distance-from-device, like our patented apps, Pocket Alert, Too Close and Too Close Parental. We focus on the phones themselves, not towers. But California Senate Bill 649, seeks cellular distribution antennas on every block, possibly allowing 5G instead of cable, saturating residents with vastly more of the radiation that NIH and hundreds of studies have shown damaging to health. Tell your State Senator and Assemblymember: VOTE NO ON SB 649.

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United States Patents Issued For Green Swan’s Core Products

Our Too Close app alerts the end user as the cell phone gets close to the head, our Too Close Parental does the same, but is difficult for a teen to circumvent; our Pocket Alert app reminds the end user with a vibration when the microwave instrument (i.e., smart phone) is placed in a pocket or otherwise body-close.
New Patents Awarded for Green Swan: On November 14, 2014 Green Swan’s founder was awarded Patent 8,890,697, titled “Pocket alert function for use with radio and microwave broadcast telephone and smart phone devices,” covering both our Pocket Alert and Too Close apps, and assigned to Green Swan (later here; “we”). On June 23, 2015, we were issued Patent 9,065,900, titled “Method and system to shield mobile phones and devices to minimize radiation exposure, “covering the use of transparent dielectric materials for shielding. On November 17, 2015 we were awarded Patent 9,191,055 , titled “Method and system to minimize radiation exposure from mobile phones and devices,” concerned with devices to provide increased proximity from cell phones and proximity warnings.